VO2 Max Test- Maximal Oxygen Uptake

VO2 Max Test- Maximal Oxygen Uptake

I've always wanted to get this test done...basically to just see where I sit in terms of VO2. Most places charge quite a bit of money to get these tests done. That being said the moment our first exercise physiology class was over with this term I rushed to the front to ask Professor Gary Brodowicz if I could be one of the subjects for the VO2 Max Test. Little did I know that it would fall right smack in the middle of a 100-mile week, and just after I passed the 600-mile mark for the year thus far. I still couldn't pass up the opportunity and found out that it was much tougher than I anticipated.

For this test we used the Astrand protocol. I was asked to predict a good speed to start running at based on my pace knowledge. Also, the protocol starts me running at a 5% incline and increases 2% every two minutes. In hindsight I should have started a little slower, but we were still able to gather very pertinent information. I thought the test went well.

Treadmill Speed: 9.5 miles per hour running uphill....Check it out!....


So the results are in! First let me give you some of my excuses of why I think it is not as high it potentially could be: 1) not fully rested 2) I wasn't used to breathing solely through my mouth with that mouthpiece and a nose clip 3) I started too quickly...I think I could have adapted more if I started out a bit slower...like 8 mph....ok....blah, blah, blah...

VO2 max came out to be about 69 ml/kg/m.

For my age...and being an athlete they say the range is between 60-85. I honestly think that I am probably in the low 70's...and I did predict 70 so it's pretty accurate. Maybe I can try it again some time soon. In any case I learned a lot and I thank Dr. Brodowicz and the other lab assistants for getting me prepped up, making sure I didn't die, and creating the little film. One day I will be able to show my grandchildren what it was like to really run!

Well, speaking of the devil...I'm off to hit the sloppy trails before it gets dark and am looking forward to a 50-mile weekend starting tomorrow with a marathon in the gorge. Sunday will probably be an end to end Wildwood trail cutting it just short on Burnside.

Keep on moving!


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