Rest Well My Dear Aunt

Rest Well My Dear Aunt

In the midst of finishing up my spring term and putting the finishing touches on Bighorn 100 I received a disconcerting call this morning from my mother on the east coast. I had just finished one of my three final exams over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday and had a little pep in my step. I was happy that I was one-third of the way completed, and I also felt that I did well on the test. It's amazing how quickly things change in life.

My mother told me that my Aunt Kathy passed away this morning in the hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. Last autumn my Aunt Kathy was diagnosed with cancerous tumors in her lungs and brain. Things did not look good from the get-go, but she fought hard for the last several months. At the young age 49 she passed through the stages of denial, disbelief, and anger and blaming others. Then I think she reached a stage of depression, sadness, and crying. Eventually my wise aunt came to acceptance and coming to terms. I talked with her periodically over the phone and through email, and couldn't believe the amount of bravery, courage, and positivity she had to muster each and every day as she would have to stare death in the face. On June 8th 2010 her day finally came and she will be missed very much.

Aunt Kathy let me drive her car before I ever had a driver's license. I smoked cigarettes with her and had good talks. She helped me through some difficult times in my life. She loved cats so much and had lots of love to give them. I remember when she came to one of my triathlons in Ithaca about 5 1/2 years ago and she asked if Erica was my girlfriend. I said, "no...we're just friends". I think she could sense something brewing there! She was very smart and intuitive, and had a great sense of humor. I miss her laugh already.

(My Aunt Kathy and me at the Ithaca Triathlon at the YMCA)

With Bighorn 100 in less than two weeks I have decided that I will wear this black wrist band on my arm in memory of my loving aunt. When it gets tough I will rub the band to my face and remember what an impact she has had on my life.

I love you Aunt Kathy...We will miss you sorely


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