Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Pura Vida!

Quick update from beautiful Costa Rica: Miles for the last week 15...I planned on 50 but given the circumstances agreed on another week pretty much off from running. We have been having such an amazing time though. This is one of the most biologically intense places on earth. We have already encountered a tame costa rican turkey, called a pava, named chippy. The owner of the ecolodge we stayed at nursed her from a chick when she was abandoned by her mother. Many monkeys, mostly whiteface, but have heard the howlers wherever we go. Scarlet Macaws and numerous other birds, lizards, and insects. I had one of the most memorable time two days ago as I sat in a kayak and at least half a dozen bottle nosed dolphins started jumping all around me! It got my heart rate up to probably like 170 bmp! We've been on some absolutely amazing hikes and visited the tide pools today! I've already been ramping up some miles on the rocky roads of the southern tip of the Osa Peninsula.

More will be revealed... 


From the time I could stand upright I was chasing soccer balls around with older children at the fields where my father...

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