Friday, 04 November 2011

Back to the Source

Back to the Source

Before you read this...Go to the bottom and watch the short video about one of my favorite runners out there.

I just saw this YouTube video recently about Killian Jornet's experience of dropping out of a race, his reasoning behind it, and I thought it was a touching story of humility and really knowing and getting back to the places (literally and figuratively) that fuel the fire inside.

The video captivated me and kind of spoke to me probably because I have had similar experiences with this in my own life recently. The last couple years since moving to Oregon I have raced a lot. I have gone to many exquisite places during training runs and it's definitely part of the reason I ambitiously line up sometimes every other weekend during a season.

After having a personal sub-par Waldo 100k and having my body fail me at Pine to Palm 100 I ended my 2011 racing season with a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth. Since then I took three weeks completely off...healed up....and really tried to go "Back to the Source" ...the mountains and trails....with not a race in mind.

In my first day back to running I joined some friends and ran almost completely across The Columbia River Gorge. A couple weeks later I circumnavigated the glorious Mt. St. Helens on arguably one of the nicest weather-wise days of autumn, and at the end of the same week was able to run Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon. During these three absolutely epic runs I had moments of complete stillness in completely wild environments, breathtaking views, connections with friends new and old, and an utter reminder of why I love long distance trail running. No pressure of time or performance...just experiencing nature...being in the moment...and giving thanks for being able to participate in these spectacular and sometimes hidden parts of the country.

These past couple weeks I have returned to my stomping grounds of Forest Park and the Columbia River Gorge, and I honestly feel that my batteries have been re-charged and I've been re-booted with "software updates". I feel connected, strong, and am excited for what lies ahead....but want to remember not to forget.....The Source.

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