A Moment with Mr. Buck

This morning a crazy thing happened to me out on Forest Park's Leif Ericson Trail. I have run hundreds of miles on this trail and have never seen any wildlife. It is a heavily traveled old fire road that is inaccessible to vehicles and I like going there sometimes because it has mile markers every quarter mile. I also like how it undulates and snakes around the forest never giving you too flat of a road and you can never see too far ahead of you.

So this morning I came around a corner and there he was...A young 8-point buck standing in the middle of the trail...staring at me with his symmetrical velvet rack. At first I stopped and we had our little moment of checking each other out. Then I yelled and threw my arms for him to carry on. That didn't work. I noticed that there was a steep cliff on one side and a rock wall on the other...and for some reason he didn't want to go the other way. Instead he put his head down and started coming at me! I must admit I got freaked out! I turned and sprinted the opposite way at like a 4-minute pace...and all that I could think of was THIS.

I turned the corner and about 1/8th of a mile later I turned back around and could see that he came even further down the trail. I just stood there and watched and eventually he went up into the woods. WOW! That was unexpected...I wanted to get the legs moving quicker today and that definitely helped.

I continued on with my run and was able to do a solid 7 x 400 workout (70 seconds, 80, 80, 75, 75, 79, 78 seconds) after my little encounter. I have been feeling good and recovered after Bighorn for the most part and am so happy to be back in Oregon where the weather and trails have been phenomenal.

I will be working a camp at Mt. Hood the next couple of weeks and prepping up for White River 50-miler on July 31st.

I hope everyone has a great fourth of July...have fun...and watch out for those charging deer!


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